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Do it yourself with the right tools

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Obviously, to do your own electrical work you will need the right tools. The quality of the tools you purchase is a personal decision. I usually buy quality tools, with the exception of some specialty tools that are not used very often. If you do decide to go the inexpensive route, be prepared to replace them more frequently if you use them a lot.

Probably the most important tool to have for doing electrical work is a meter, a meter is essential for trouble shooting, tracing out wires and testing your work. I would recommend going with a meter in the middle of the price range. It’s not something you want cheap out on, and yet for home use there is no need to break the bank.

Now let’s talk about wire strippers, a sharp tool is always a big plus and will make the job easier, some real cheap ones are not very sharp. It is important that you get the correct wire strippers for the size and type of wire you are working with. The differences are the gauge size and if they are for solid or stranded wire. The proper type will make it less likely that you do not nick the copper wire.

There is much more to come to this section in the future, it is currently being redesigned.

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