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  • Tools you will need when doing electrical wiring yourself.

       Wiring Home > Electrical > Electrical Tools
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    There is much more to come to this section in the future, it is currently being redesigned.

    When working on that do it yourself home improvement wiring project there is nothing better than having the right tool for the right job, it makes the project much easier to complete with the least amount of grief. Below is a nice selection of quality tools that will assist you in completing your wiring projects for years to come.

    Some Recommended Electrical Tools.

    Klein 120 ft. Flat Steel Fish Tape with Grip-It Handle

    Klein 3 pc. Tool Set, Electrician

    Klein 7 pc. Cushion Grip Nut Driver Set

    Klein 9 in. High Leverage Side Cutting Pliers

    Klein 8-1/2 in. Long Nose Pliers, Side Cutting and Stripping

    Klein Crimping Tool

    Klein High-Leverage Cable Cutter

    Klein 8 in. Diagonal Cutting Pliers

    Klein Multi-Cable Cutter, Klein-Kurve

    Klein All-Purpose Tool

    Klein Wire Stripper/Cutter, Klein-Kurve

    Klein 10-in-1 Screwdriver/Nut Driver

    Klein 10 in. Journeyman Pump Pliers

    Wiha 24 pc. 3/8-inch 1,000-Volt Rated Insulated Set

    Craftsman 8 pc. Screwdriver Set, Cushion Grip

    Knipex 10" Cable cutters - ratcheting type - 1,000V

    Witte 7 pc. Insulated Tool Set

    Jameson Sectional Fiberglass Fish Push Rod

    A good hand tool is at the heart of every project and is a must to get the job done right. Good quality means that it will last a long time and be able to handle whatever you put it through. Don’t waste your money on cheap tools that break in the middle of the project or barely get you through and are useless for the next one.

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