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  • Do it yourself Home Electrical Wiring Book & Video Resources.

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    When you consider that the company I work for charges $75.00 just for the first hour which includes travel time to your home, the purchase of a few books or videos containing the information you need seems small in comparison to the labor and parts cost of the contractor.

    Anyone can "Do it Yourself" with the right DIY knowledge.

    • National Electrical Code Handbook 2008
      If youíre the one thatís going to do the wiring it is important that the work is done correctly for the safety of you and your family. This is a great book that will help you have a good understanding of the NECģ and is completely updated to cover 2008 provisions.

    • 2008 National Electrical Codebook
      New requirements and advanced safety requirements in an effort to maximize the safety of the electrical system in your home or business.

    • Wiring Simplified
      This is revised and completely updated for the 2008 National Electric Code, this small manual continues its 75-year history of demonstrating how to install safe, convenient, and economical wiring.

    • Data, Voice, and Video Cabling
      This book will help you get your home wired for high tech, wireless networks, hardwired or just a simple telephone itís all within the pages.

    • Wiring Home Networks
      Connecting it all together, computers, home entertainment systems, electrical and more. There is something to be said for having everything networked together, its not only functional its cool.

    • Home Security: Alarms, sensors and systems
      There is nothing better than a safe home, the feeling of security is one that we all love to have. This book is full of great information that will start you on your way to a secure home.

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