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  • How to do it Yourself - Home Security: Alarms, sensors and systems

       Wiring Home > Resources > Home Security Book
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    There is nothing better than a safe home, the feeling of security is one that we all love to have. This book is full of great information that will start you on your way to a secure home.

    Home Security: Alarms, sensors and systems
    Explains simply and in straight-forward language how to select and install systems yourself. Describes range of security devices you can use. Explains pros and cons of alarm systems and how to avoid faults and problems when you do it yourself. As crime rates soar every householder looks at ways to protect their home and its contents. This practical guide, in straight-forward language, spells out the simple steps you can take to guard your home. It shows how burglars work and how to thwart them. The selection and installation of alarm systems is described simply. This handy volume may provide the information you need to avoid costly and upsetting break-ins. New and Used Copies Available

    - Author: Vivian Capel
    - Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
    - Pub. Date: July 1997
    - Edition Number: 1
    - Price Varies
    - Rating: 5 of 5 Lightning Bolts -

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